Managing Director

At Dharan Hospital, we are committed to providing the highest quality and safest care possible for our patients. Whether you visit our hospital or you stay in our hospital, we will care for you the same way we would want the most cherished of our loved ones to be treated with excellent and compassionate care, with respect, and with your safety and well-being our number one priority.

The topic of fertility continues to be taboo for men and women and it can have a negative impact on their future goal of having children. Like everything in our world, fertility care is changing at a very fast pace, and mostly for the good. We have launched Dharan Womens care, newest full-service fertility and IVF center. It provides you with fertility care tailored to your needs.

Dr.Pramya is the Clinical Director and Head of the Department of IVF unit of Dharan Womens Care. She is an experienced infertility specialist with extensive experience in assisted reproduction. She discovered her passion for fertility medicine early in her training. She found specializing in fertility allowed her to take time and develop a personal relationship with each patient, helping them make the best choice for their own situation. She also loved the challenge of new technology and the excitement of collaborating with a team of other specialists, including highly skilled embryologists and andrologists. She has assisted many in realizing their dreams to conceive healthy, beautiful babies.

Dr.Suganthi (Conslt-Obsts & Gynec) , Dr.Aravindan(Sr. Conslt-Urolgst & Androlgst) and Dr.Savitha( Embryologist ) ,all these experts have joined their hands with Dr.Pramya to making infertile couples’ pregnancy  dreams come true.

At Dharan Womens care, teamwork and accountability are the most essential components of safe practice. We provide our medical staffs with specialized training and with tools designed to help keep our patients safer. Additionally, the care we provide is supported by the latest, evidence-based research, the most current medical knowledge and advanced state-of-the-art technology utilized by our highly skilled and experienced staff. We help couples creating families with heart and science

We are known for our culture of support, our effective process and our holistic approach to patient care. By doing what we love, sharing what we learn and celebrating success, we encourage each other to achieve and grow, and we are role models for our community.

Dr.Pramya, I wish you and your team much success and all the best.