Welcome to Dharan Women’s Care! We are glad to have the opportunity to meet with you.

We provide high quality health services for women who need maternity, newborn, gynaecology and fertility care. We are dedicated to making a positive difference in women’s health by providing support, knowledge, choices and treatment for those seeking fertility assistance.

At Dharan Womens Care, our aim is to help you to achieve your long-awaited family. Our practice philosophy is quite simple. It’s all about you, the patient. We consistently strive for the highest success and excellence in clinical outcomes. We foster relationships of trust with our patients, and provide customized, compassionate care.

Our aim is to make the overall patient experience rewarding to both patient and provider. We do this by subscribing to our core values: Expertise, Ethics, and Empathy.



From a supportive, skillful Care Team, to a comforting environment, we are dedicated to your care. It is this patient-centric approach that sets us apart. We will be by your side every step of the way: presenting options, providing support, and helping you make informed choices based on realistic expectations. Areas of expertise include: in-vitro fertilization (IVF), IUI, ICSI and PGS/PGD. The result is an extensive range of skills to surround our patients with the highest quality of care available.


Our fertility care team operates on the highest ethical principles. We treat each patient with fairness, honesty, and respect. Clear communication is paramount. Our goal is to build a bond of trust with our patients so they know that their customized care is our top priority. We maintain only the highest standards in our specialty to achieve excellence in patient care and successful outcomes.


At Dharan, we care. Throughout the entire treatment process, our patients deal with genuinely compassionate people. We have actively created a culture of caring, to build a supportive environment and improve the overall patient experience.