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May 26, 2020

Traditional & Ayurvedic Food Systems

What are the foods that can be used for Tamil society today? It is very painful to list. The Tamil community, which was the food medicine for medicine, has been forced to admit to the theory of diet, food poisoning. What is the reason? Why did this lack of food awareness come here

 Importance to small grains

Tamils ​​have given importance to small grains when they see the old foods used in ancient times. The principal is the dawn, the harbor, the horse wool, the dagger. We continue to see that the Tamils ​​who ate this time live in a healthy environment without any disease. The habit of using small grains has been the same for all people. It was a Tamil community who had eaten rice soup only in days like Aadi, Pongal and Deepavali. It was over time that after the rise of the Westerns, Western ritualism was the only occasional habit of eating rice rice in India, not only in Tamil Nadu but in India as a whole. As a daily consumption of traditional small foods, the impact of the disease was very low.

Daily food of the Indian people

After the Indian people began to take up the daily rations of the rice and the ingredients of the rice, Idli, the daily food of the Indian people, the body of the Tamils ​​began to change. Because there are two types of food in our diet, one is acidic foods and one for alkaline foods. What are we saying about acid foods? Foods that are very high in any diet are acidic foods. Foods that are high in protein (protein content) are dietary fiber. While rice is full time food, the culture that is widely known in Tamil Nadu is idli, dosa and pongal in the morning work. Afternoon meal, dinner at night or idli, dosa and pongal. When we see what the vegetables are with, we add potatoes and eggplant. Next to the bell pepper, drumstick. No more than any vegetable.

Today, we use only 10 vegetables, whole rice and chapatti (wheat food) from North Indian dominance in today’s eating habits. But if the food used by the Tamils ​​is the food items that were present during the Sangam period, there are nearly 3000 food items. There is evidence of how the Tamils ​​used these three thousand food items. Is there a home in a home today? If it does not. Why is that Because that is the food that the Tamils ​​have eaten for good health and physical strength during that period. As a result, Tamils ​​who could work in the morning work have a salad, salad, jaggery, mango and mango. Clay is a solid food. They were able to do even the hardest jobs when they went to the garden.

Foods they can take in the morning

The food they enjoyed was the best practice, and they got the body and the amazing health. But in today’s time the Tamils ​​and Indians see what foods they can take in the morning Idli, Dosa. This idli, dosa is a fermented rice, which means rice has been replaced by the fermentation of the rice, which can then be tied to as an idiom or as a delicacy. If you put rice on it and put it on the Idlit tray, then Idly will not come, So the rice is fermented, the sour is to die, the food on which it will be fed as if it is a delicacy or a delicacy, and if it goes to work, the body begins to ferment even more. As soon as the sour foods are known, unknown or indirectly, we are in a phase that can be taken up and the body is completely overwhelmed with its nutrients and sour taste in the body. Today, the Tamil community of Idli and Dosa is going to have a different meal. We are forced to take care of the chapati (Instant) and Parata and Briani. We are estimated to have around 1 lakh chemicals in the world. Whether they are all over the world, but there are more than 1 lakh chemo drugs available in Tamil Nadu. The consciousness of the Tamils ​​will be blotted when it comes to eating such a variety of cheese.

This is what we absolutely say in the field of psychedelics is that we can get a man’s sense of food. So that feeling becomes thoughtful. That thought becomes functional. That is the fact that all these activities are superior and society is going to be great. If a scholar wants to destroy a race, it is a fact that he can ruin his food if it destroys his food.

 Food Awareness

Today, multinational corporations have fully come to India and have established a large market in Tamilnadu and India in Tamil Nadu, Tamil Nadu’s heroism and humanity. Worldwide companies have established a trademark where this human market exists. Now people living abroad (France, Canada) can eat processed foods and processed meats. But now the multinational corporations in India and Tamilnadu come here to make the people sick and dump their emotions and install hospitals and bring them to a state of livelihood that can rob us of the financial resources that we have. So, food awareness should be taken today. We do not just let the food awakening be done and we are doing this as a struggle. It is good for us to complete the dietary study and eat foods. What diet will diabetes get when you eat? What are people with diabetes need to eat? What do people with asthma need to eat? What should not eat? What are the terms for each patient to observe daily? Let’s publish. A patient should change the condition of a doctor.

In most of the developing world, a period where most patients who have had a cardiovascular disease present a slave to a doctor are a life-long slave. If it is to be broken up, it is possible that each individual who is a separate human being must learn his diet, his heritage and his culture, and how the ancestors ate the food, how healthy they were, and how Were they? How could they do the necessary duties, and why can not we today? How were the conventional elements blotted out? Each individual must look at the point of view. In support of that issue, our Tamil Nutritional Conservation and Naturopathy Association will bring food items to the people.

Traditional Grains

We are currently in Tamil Nadu trying to get food from the like, Apart from rice, we are bringing traditional millets, green crops, black pepper, sesame seeds and mustard. The Tamils ​​of that day were in the diet of Kadugodhana. It is a method that can be cooked with rice, which is the main ingredient. A sponge is a method that can be cooked with black and rice, a time that can be cooked with marshmallow and rice. This method was with the Tamils ​​who lived in the past.

Ellochoru, Kalluoru, Karaokechar All the Tamil community in the hormonal problem today is the worldwide talk of the thyroid problem that has become the drug of all. Why not create such a period of time? The Tamil community should think of this. This type of sesame, pepper, if all of this has been eaten by the endless glands that appear regularly and every Tamil is doing a good life. The Tamils ​​who have been there are now being dumped by multinational companies. Therefore, we need to restore our ancient food processes and traditional food processes.

Today, we are in India with diabetes in the first place in India, Tamil Nadu in the first place in India, Chennai in the first place in Tamil Nadu and the number of patients suffering from Diabetes. As the Tamils ​​have changed the physical strength of the thoroughly into a loose body, the Tamils ​​have become a stronger, and we are in a period of time to change the dietary system first, as the jalikattu youth, In our online newspapers, the Tamils ​​used the preparations in our website and the cures that the Tamils ​​have cured by those foods. Let’s see everything in everything.


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