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September 26, 2020
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Secretes of Chola Kings

We have many dravidian kings who are famous for their bravery and administration skills. One of such king is the world famous Raja Raja Chola. Raja Raja Chola who ruled over the whole of south India is considered to be one of the greatest ruler of the world. He was born as Arulmozhi Varman and he proclaimed the title Raja Raja(king of kings). He was crowned as the king of Chola Empire in 985 AD and ruled until his death in 1014 AD.
He launched several naval campaigns which resulted in the capture of Maldives and Sri Lanka. He built the world famous Brihadeeswrar temple in Thanjavur. It was during his reign where the texts of tamil poets Appar, Sambandar and Sundarar were collected, edited and compiled into one called the Thirumurai. He initiated a massive project on survey and assessment of land in 1000 which led to the reorganisation of his empire into Valanadus. He was succeeded by his son Rajendra Chola

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